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Valentine's Chocolate Box Pin

Valentine's Chocolate Box Pin

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A cute kitty sitting in a chocolate box. Make no mistake, she is the true gift.


  • Hard enamel pin
  • Gold plated
  • Width: 33mm

February 2021 Patreon Pin Design.

Love (and/or obligation) is in the air! As opposed to Western standards, women in Japan are expected to make the first move on this holiday by gifting chocolate to men.

However just because you received chocolate doesn’t mean its love! Chocolates can be given for all sorts of reasons. Much like a memory from elementary school, girls will gift these to friends and classmates. Valentine’s makes its way into the workplace too, with women giving out chocolates to their bosses and colleagues. These are referred to as “giri-choco”, literally meaning obligatory chocolate, while chocolate given with romantic intent is “honmei-choco”.

While fancy chocolates crowd department stores and conbinis at this time of year, one of the most prized gifts to receive is a box of handmade chocolates. Our kitty here has done a great job of handmaking these charming chocolates for you and rest assured, they’re more than just giri-choco.

Valentine’s day is paired with White Day which is celebrated on March 15. Men who received chocolates are expected to pay back the favor with a gift three times more extravagant than what they received. Our kitty will be waiting!

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