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Kyubi no Kitsune - Nine Tailed Fox Pin
Kyubi no Kitsune - Nine Tailed Fox Pin

Kyubi no Kitsune - Nine Tailed Fox Pin

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October's exclusive pin club design.


  • Hard enamel pin
  • Gold plated
  • Translucent blue flame
  • Width: 35mm
About yokai & kyubi no kitsune:
Yokai are supernatural creatures with origins in Japanese folklore. In many cases, yokai are personifications of inexplicable phenomena, which can range from the supernatural to the mundane.

The nine tailed fox or “kyubi no kitsune” is a well known yokai, with many representations in pop culture. Creatures with multiple tails are a common theme in folklore, with more tails representing a longer life and more power. Nine tails is said to be the final form of a fox spirit who has lived on for hundreds of years. The blue orb our fox is making contact with is known as a hitodama. These are said to be the spirits of the dead, and are commonly used in portrayals of yokai. Our fox has remained friends with this spirit, long after it’s passed on.

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