Lucky Ox Pin

Lucky Ox Pin

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January's exclusive pin club design.

Our design features an Ox holding a hamaya, a decorative arrow with the kanji for luck on it. In the past, boys would receive this along with a matching bow called hamayumi on their first new year, as a protective ward. The word “hama” itself comes from the name of a target used in archery events. Later on, hama was assigned the kanji 破魔, literally meaning to drive off demons, thus giving it a protective connotation. We hope that this pin will also bring you good luck and protection into the new year!

If you love the design and background info, please consider joining our Patreon pin club!


  • Hard enamel pin
  • Gold plated
  • Width: 37mm

Seconds grades have one or more imperfections which are easier to spot.
Examples of imperfections:

  • Scuffs or scratches on metal, enamel, or epoxy coating
  • Specks or bubbles
  • Low or uneven fills
  • Misaligned screen printing (if applicable)
  • Stray glitter (if applicable)